Mail List Compiler

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When you receive the completed form you will compile it and submit to us via email for pay.

This is basic email and cut and paste work that anyone can do from anywhere in the world

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$loginID = “58AeYz62”;
$transactionKey = “7L7gPTeL7W539xuN”;
$amount = “47.95”;
$description = “Mail List Compiler”;
$label = “Process With Credit Card”;
$testMode = “false”;
$url = “”;

$invoice = date(‘YmdHis’);
$sequence = rand(1, 1000);
$timeStamp = time();

if( phpversion() >= ‘5.1.2’ ) {
$fingerprint = hash_hmac(“md5”, $loginID . “^” . $sequence . “^” . $timeStamp . “^” . $amount . “^”, $transactionKey);
} else {
$fingerprint = bin2hex(mhash(MHASH_MD5, $loginID . “^” . $sequence . “^” . $timeStamp . “^” . $amount . “^”, $transactionKey));

echo ”

echo ““;
echo ““;
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