As a Typenclick member you will receive income on 2 levels.
1. You are paid per form filled. Simply copy data from your members area onto online forms. You can fill up to 1000 forms per month.
2. The data you fill onto the forms will have a website link in it. Every time this link is clicked you will earn an extra income.

You can use any website submission software to generate clicks on your link also.

Home Typists
The home typist position is our best income earner. Just like the Typenclick position you will copy data from your members area onto online forms and will earn per formfilled. This position has no deadlines and you can fill as many forms as you like each month.

Basic, Marketing and Supervisors.
Your work will consist of a variety of online tasks including form filling, sending emails, typing and more.

For Form filling you will copy data from your members area onto online forms as set out in the home typist sample above. These positions have deadlines for work to be submitted. You can upgrade to home typist at any time.

For emailing you will again copy text from your members area and send via safelists or option groups. You will never be asked to spam or send unsolicited emails

For typing you will type up documents from disks or tapes and will be paid per word or per hour depending on the clients agreement.

Research Members
You will be searching the internet for specific topics e.g work at home jobs, online advertising sites, ebooks and so on. You will record data to a notepad file on your computer and submit by email for pay.

Mail List Compilers
You will compile email addresses of people looking to work at home and submit for pay. You earn $1 for every valid email submitted.

Response Typists
You will post our ads on websites, blogs, and forums either manually or using software. You are paid for every click received on your links.

Info Reps
You will give away free work at home info packs online and earn $1 for every person that validates their email address to receive their free info pack

Typeinternational Members FAQ

What Is My ID Number and How Do I Get One?
Your id number is created automatically when you filled in the signup form at
Once you fill in the form log into your stats center. In the top right hand corner you will see the
following in a box in the top right hand corner

Standard Linking Code – Great For Email Campaigns

Your id number will be where the number 100 is above

What URL Do I Use To Refer Others To Typeinternational?
or http://www.typeinternational.com/affil/infoxxx.htm if you are a mail list compiler or info rep.

Replace xxx with your id number.

Should your page not open please email Admin@typeinternational.com

I referred a new member but it isn’t showing in my stats center. Why not?
As a new member registers from your url they are tracked to your id. We use this tracking method
as well as the registration form on the signup page to track your signups and verify their payment.
Payments for your signups are entered in your commission page within 48 hours of manual
verification. If they register from your computer it will not track as clicks form your ip are not
tracked. If they have visited the website before using a different members url it is tracked to that
member for 3 months. Also if you do not replace the 100 in the urls below the ads with your id
number signups will not be tracked to you. If you know you have registered a new signup and you
haven’t been credited send us their name , email address and date they registered so we can look
it up and credit your account.

What is the stats area for?
The stats area is to see your earnings for completed assignments. Once your income in the stats
center reaches $100 you are paid by check.

Where can I view my signups / sales and completed assignments
Signups and sales are paid separately to your assignment work.
Signups and sales can be found on your comission page
username is your id number – password is your stats center username
On this page you can also view assignments you have submitted

This page only shows once you have submitted and assignment – received a signup or sale.

I submitted an Assignment on Wednesday but did not receive a confirmation?
Assignments are only accepted on Monday between 9am and 6pm Central
America Time for basic typists and marketing typists. Your submission dates will show on your
assignment page. Assignments submitted outside of these hours are deleted by the system.

Assignments take up to 2 weeks to process. If your account isn’t showing funds for completed
assignments you need to check your commission page for any errors.

I submitted an assignment on time but I have not received confirmation
Are your spam filters turned on? Try turning them off and resending your assignment
Did you check your junk folder?
Was it sent as an attachment?
We can not open attachments and again these are deleted by the system.
Was your id number included in your report? Without an id number we can not process assignments.

If you are sure you have submitted correctly email us
Admin@typeinternational.com to see if we have received it.
please note assignments take up to 4weeks to process. Please do not contact us until the 3
weeks have passed

I am not going to be able to complete an assignment before the deadline what can I do?
All assignments have to be submitted by the deadline date for basic and marketing typists.
If you can not complete an assignment on time you may want to upgrade to supervisor as they
have no deadlines.

What Is Meant By 1 Ad Per Site Per Month?
This means you can place only 1 ad on each site per month for the same company.eg. You may be
doing 2 assignments for marketerszone you can only place 1 ad for this company per website
regardless of if they have multiple categories , states or countries.

What is meant by only 1 ad per domain?
You will notice as you start to place ads that there are a lot of websites that have a similar url.

eg. http://www.websitings.com/cgi-bin/post ad site 112.htm
http://www.websitings.com/cgi-bin/post ad site 112.htm

The www.websitings.com and www.voy.com is the domain for these sites
You can only place an ad on 1 of these sites per assignment

some may also look like this

http://www.mybiz.domain.com/place ad

In this case the domain.com is the domain and the above rule also applies.

What is a Becanada or Isell website?
go to http://www.typeinternational.com/members/classlist4.htm
here you will find a list of classified adsites. These sites are becanada sites.
You can not place any ads on these sites or any sites that look like them for your per ad typed or
campaign assignments. Their urls may not read http://www.becanada.com or http://www.isell.com
as these sites can be uploaded to any free server. So it better that you know what they look
like.They can only be used for lead generation and referral generation.

How do I create Adplacing Report Forms
Click Here For Instructions on creating report forms

I thought I didn’t have to apply to do assignments why do I have to apply for the special
You do not have to apply to do the regular assignments. These are available to all typists. The
special assignments are employers looking for 1 person to do their typing requirements. This
person must have the qualification to complete this assignment so you need to apply for them

Do I have to take the typing test to do regular assignments?
No the typing test is only for those who wish to do special assignments that require typing speed
and accuracy

I thought my membership fee covered my software. Why do you only have free software listed.
Click on software and ebooks and you will find over $1500 titles you can download that are not free
to anyone

How do I change my email address or postal address?
Log into your stats center and enter the information in your profile

I haven’t received my check where is it?
Checks generally take up to 14 days to arrive at your postal address.

Some overseas countries such as India and Pakistan can take up to 4 weeks.

Checks can also be delayed during holiday time.

Checks are valid for 90 days, therefore we can not reissue lost checks before the 90 day expiry date.

Should you not receive your check within 90 days please email typists@typeinternational.com with your id number and

we will reissue your check if it has not already been cashed.

Please note checks are sent to the postal address in your stats center and are made out to the name you provide in your stats center.

If there is an error in the name and address because you have listed it incorrectly we will not reissue the check