Supervisor Typist

Real Work At Home Job that earn you a guaranteed income for the work you do plus bonus commissions!

Earn a Guaranteed Unlimited Income From Home As a Supervisor Typist you will be completing simple online tasks for pay. You will have 2 sets of assignments.

1. Regular Assignments (Earn up to $25 per Assignment)
These assignments include Form filling or data entry that pays you per form filled.
Sending e-mails for pay per email sent

2. Special Assignments (Earn up to $60 Per Hour)
These include tasks offered by people/companies seeking various services including Proof Reading, Research, Writing Articles, Typing Documents from disk or tapes, Editing, Web Design & more

For the regular assignments you will earn a guaranteed income for the work you do. There is no selling or recruiting required to earn an income.

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For the Special Assignments you will be paid in the following ways depending on contract specifications with the client you are working with per hour, per sale, per word typed, per article written. Some special assignments are offered to Supervisors only. You do not need to search for these jobs these will be listed in your members area.

Get Paid For Every Completed Assignment Easily Earn a Full Time Income Working From Home

No Experience Required – Step by Step Instructions with images and tutorials to help you get started faster. Software, tools and resources to help you fill forms faster and efficiently. Online support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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